Fosmid recombineering

We have developed a robust and fast pipeline for generating fosmid-based reporters through a bacterial recombineering strategy.  The developed vector set has been requested by more than half of all C. elegans labs worldwide and by many fly and zebrafish labs:

A toolkit and robust pipeline for the generation of fosmid-based reporter genes in C. elegans. Tursun B, Cochella L, Carrera I, Hobert O. PLoS One. 2009;4(3)

In addition to the fosmid recombineering method developed by our lab, we provide a fosmid preparation protocol adapted from the Lanctôt Lab.


Reporter genes

We have developed a rapid PCR-fusion strategy and a vector-free method for generating reporter gene constructs. In addition this Wormbook chapter provides a summary of reporter gene fusion technology in C. elegans.